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finally, finally. FINALLY
...reading Jeannette Winterson. Art Objects (1995) a collection of essays about art and poetry.  I want to be a poet again.  Winterson is egging me on to read Virginia Woolf, and with snippets like this, who could refuse?

  We are only lightly covered with buttoned cloth; and beneath these pavements are shells, bones and silence.
(The Waves)

inspirational talk about poo
engine, industrious
Nick from Milkwood permaculture farm talks to the tedx audience about doing your number ones and twos to grow food.

Also, a lovely talk by Emma Magenta (of phillippa finch fame) about understanding your heart.

(no subject)
the weekend before last I fell in love with canberra and could almost believe i could live there.

(this may have had something to do with the convergence of historians, librarians, museum people and web geeks, which was the main reason I was there.)

i've been singing we built this city, black velvet, stuck in the middle and lady marmalade in my head for a week now, echoes from the kareoke night.

grand designs o rama
 i can't believe i've found a scorecard for a grand designs drinking game! 

that is all.

 In the absence of time to write about pottermore, I'm linking to a succinct summation of most of the issues raised by Henry Jenkins.

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 rockin out in the afternoon with the white stripes

this is the kinda thing that sustains me
 ok, i've done the grocery shopping, I'm enthusing myself back into to the writing groove, and what do you think occurs to me but to put my quandary to song and sing it all the way from the kitchen to the desk?

to the tune of (gotta have) faith wham!
to the tune of (gotta have) faith wham!Collapse )

just quickly now...
 pic_spam severus and johnny. Utterly tasteless.gair this is for you....

it's only like two images from disparate worlds, but together...Collapse )


the dr who scarf HAS ITS OWN WEBSITE!

So Snape is a Place?
So my favourite locative media group Blast Theory have done a collarobation involving sound, forest, music and SNAPE!


go here go here!!

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